Data Specialties Inc. understands that the data center is critical to every aspect of a company’s operations. That awareness is a key component to our project approach. Our team works diligently to design data centers and cabling systems with high-reliability and safeguards designed to eliminate disruptions. We coordinate our installations to minimize interruptions to day-to-day operations. And we provide ongoing maintenance expertise to keep our clients’ data centers and electrical and communications systems running at their optimal efficiencies.

Further, we tailor our project teams to each data center project’s specifications. Our integrated installation approach aids our staff in quickly and efficiently transferring directions from CAD drawings to optimized systems within the client’s facilities. Once installation is complete, we provide witness testing that ensures proper operation of all essential systems and as-built CAD drawings to aid in ongoing maintenance, controlled move, adds and changes, troubleshoot if required and assisting in the ease of later data center design changes.